We are a company that cares about businesses; start-ups and established ones. We engage in business incubation, a unique and flexible combination of the development process, infrastructure, and people, designed to nurture new enterprises assisting them to kick off, survive, grow and reach maturity. With our incubation services, we help new and small businesses steer through hard and vulnerable stages of business development. We will be with you, right from the time you think about a business idea up to the maturation of the enterprise that you create and achievement of goals. We will walk with you, right from the beginning, steer you through the difficult times, encourage you to move on, give the right advise up to the time when you realize your goals. We are the right partners for anybody out there looking to start a business and need assistance to actualize this, we are here to make your dream live and true.

We provide a nurturing, supportive and instructive environment during the crucial and critical phases of starting a new venture. We will help you explore the idea; scrutinize it to ensure its viability, feasibility and high chances of success. We will assist you to understand it thoroughly in a way that you can move with it ahead, steer through the challenges and create a successful venture. Noah Matrix has been in this for long and they understand the kind of support that is needed at every stage of business development. We will develop systems that support your idea, nurture it and give you a head start to enable its growth. We will offer all the support that is required to ensure that what you are starting is both viable and will offer solutions to your target audience. The goal of our incubation service is to increase the chances of your startup succeeding, shorten the duration that is needed to get where you want to reach and reduce the cost of its establishment.

Noah Matrix helps new and start-up enterprises develop, through assisting such as consultancy management among other services, all geared towards giving a solid foundation, confidence, and determination to succeed. We do this incognizant of the fact that a substantial number of the new establishment are not likely to survive in their first year of existence. Noah Matrix aims at changing this by giving the new businesses power and confidence to push beyond this period. The company provides the necessary tools, information, and knowledge to help establishments navigate through the murky waters of competition and other challenges. Use the right tools to conquer the challenges, build a strong foundation and appreciate that they have the power to steer their visions beyond the horizons. In the era of advanced technology, this is all possible. Our advanced capability in use of digital technology, business intelligence, big data, and superior data analytics abilities are just some of the advantages that we utilize to help new ventures steer through the murky waters of stiff competition. These are the capabilities that we pass to our customers, helping them utilize data, make better and sound decisions. With our incubation services, our customers will build a solid market, create a strong and solid financial base and have strong community support which attracts effective linkages.

Our objective is to provide focused support to the business through a supportive environment which aids them in establishing the idea and develop a concept to products which will be well accepted in the market. We aim at supporting acquisition and transfer of knowledge, facilitate the acquiring of the necessary tools that will steer enterprises forward as well as introduce the entrepreneurs to networks which can play a big role in substantially reducing the chances and level business failure.

Noah Matrix uses its experience, expertise and thorough understanding of incubation to accord new entrepreneurs and existing ones, a chance to reduce costs and risks, factors that play a great role in determining the success and survival of an establishment. We help them build the necessary capacity and networks which can promote their businesses. We encourage them to adopt measures that will turn things around effectively and efficiently.

Adoption of innovative tools goes a long way in ensuring that an idea or a concept is driven through a successful start, propelled in a competitive environment. We are at the heart of this, encouraging startups to embrace ICT to get better results. Our advisory services are molded around embracing a virtual environment, one that allows maximum utilization of the available resource, high effectiveness, and utilization of strategic planning to stay focused in all the endeavors. More ..

1. Regular meetings

Noah Matrix believes in inclusivity and positive collaboration and it is for this reason that we hold a regular meeting where all the stakeholders are brought on board to ensure everybody is in the loop. Through such forums, which can be formal or informal, on-site or through virtual environments, we set to understand the processes, scrutinize the proposed processes, and evaluate every aspect of the ideas and plans. We exchange ideas, dig deep into every suggestion and collaboratively incorporating current knowledge and experiences come to a common understanding on how to move forward.

We explore tools that can be used to advance the idea and bring it to maturation. With our expertise and lessons that we have learned through the incubation processes, we can recommend workable solutions, effective and efficient tools, and methodologies. In everything that we recommend, we aim at increasing the chances of survival as well as the success of an establishment.

Not so long ago, most businesses focused on websites, the tools that were solely used to connect the enterprise with the outside world. With the advancement of technology, things have changed, alongside website; apps have become an important component which any business which is interested in boosting its engagement with the customers should embrace. Its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness make it an ideal tool for an enterprise which is looking at increasing its efficiency, productivity, and profitability. With the digital landscape becoming complex and specialized, there is a need to develop tools that will enhance your experience and performance.

Digital technologies are presenting enterprise leaders with opportunities to rethink their businesses, creating improved experiences for their establishments; customers, workers, and partners. They are also leveraging on these technologies to lower costs and increase productivity for their enterprises. Building digital platforms and operation of new models is leading to a digital transformation that gives businesses an added advantage. To ensure that all this is achieved a business must get it right when changing its operating model. A wrong approach can lead to big pitfall which causes the digital transformation process to fall. This calls for working with experts, people who have the knowledge and experience in designing effective digital platforms. Working with Noah Matrix guarantees you this, we have a pool of highly experienced and experts, people who have been in the industry for long to know what works and what does not. We have a dedicated team, passionate experts, people who are ready to take your business to another level. People who know that the success of any digital platform is not dependent on technologies comprising the tool or its implementation process but wholly on whether the users accept and adopt the platform. Out of this understanding, the team aims at building a platform that addresses the real issues in business, understanding the customer, employees, and partners concerned and building a tool that effectively provides solutions.

We will help you leverage emerging technologies, assist your business in using new tools to meet its objectives. We will help you own digital products. A tool that will help in improving the experiences of your employees, customers, and other partners.

What is a digital platform?

A digital platform is a plug and play business model or component that allows interaction between multiple parties, enabling them to connect, interact, create and exchange value. The technologically enabled business model is meant to facilitate exchange among groups, entities that do not necessarily know each other but interact for business purpose. For a business, digital platforms offer value, it acts as an enabler through which it can scale massively to meet the needs of the enterprise as well as that of customers. It should offer a compelling user experience, meet user-friendly criteria and provide value to the business.

It allows handling of end to end businesses processes, those that are necessary for helping achieve an improved experience of all the parties concerned or users. It involves the alignment and integration of multiple components to create a better experience. These components include data ingestion engine, machine learning, deep learning, analytical tools, AI engine among others, all which allow a digital platform to communicate with other tools and software. Digital platforms are here to enable a data-driven environment rather than the process-driven the world. They cut across all the sectors, industries, and organizational structures. They create a different type of organization, mindset, and set of processes and policies. They are meant to cause disruption, a move from old to a new system where speed, collaboration, connectivity, and interactions are taken to another level.

It is predicted that digital platforms will become the dominant and preferred models for businesses in the future. Their capacity to offer businesses the ability to connect, interact, create and exchange value makes them useful tools to take enterprises to the next level. Some of the factors that have been fronted as triggers of this development are the need to provide superior products to the customer in an environment which is characterized with stiff completion, changing consumer behavior where the target audience is spending considerable time on mobile platforms. The evolution of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, data analytics, and cloud computing among others has also been a driving force to the growth of the digital platform. These technologies facilitated development, deployment, and access to tools which allow entities to easily connect and also create value. These and many other factors are forcing businesses to create ecosystems where their targeted customers will connect and interact with the business.

With the adoption of digital platforms enterprises will achieve smart consumption of computing tools maximizing their operational excellence. They will also benefit through monetization of internal resources, enhance user and customer experience, implement intelligent processes and quickly address issues and problems which may affect the business. With all these benefits businesses will achieve higher levels of user satisfaction.

At Noah Matrix we call this product an electronic platform.

We design, build and operate electronic platforms, this is a challenging undertaking that requires attention to detail, precision and high level of communication and collaboration between our team and your business. This process goes through several phases namely:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Visibility
  3. Planning
  4. Development
  5. Implementation
  6. Operation

Building a digital platform is a challenging and involving task, one that requires collaboration and great teamwork. It will require multiple business units to work together, identify the needs and throughout the project stay in close alignment. For the consultant, it requires working closely with the client to understand the business needs and be in constant touch with all the business units. This enables coming up with a platform which is responsive to business needs, customer requirements and is aligned to current trends. A good platform is one that will give the user an improved experience. Failing in this aspect will make the whole process useless. It is not about being the first to create a sophisticated platform but has everything to do with the user’s experience. At Noah Matrix, we understand this clearly, we strive at giving a product that will address the current problems as well as anticipate future challenges while keeping the user at the center of the whole process. Running the whole process requires following elaborate procedures, while at the same time being flexible to allow any changes that may be identified as necessary in the execution of a successful project. To be able to run through the process, an array of skills will be required; this means that a team of experts will work closely complementing the efforts of each member and at the same time ensuring that consultation remains at high gear. How do we achieve this? Our experience has taught us that working together, and appreciating individual contribution goes a long way in executing successful projects. We appreciate that each member has a role to play in the success of the whole process. It is out of this understanding that we conduct a highly inclusive process where each member is expected to actively participate in the process. For our client, we highly encourage them to play an important role in ensuring that all the stakeholders are involved. This enables us to come up with a product that will serve their needs and also assist in reducing issues that may crop up in the future as far as system consumption is concerned.

Digital transformation is a complex process that needs an investment both in time and resources; the risks involved also calls for a concerted effort. There is also a need for a clear vision, one that is guided by an elaborate strategy for transforming the business digitally. The strategy ought to be sound, based on in-depth research and analysis where possible risks are predicted, a budget calculated and desired resulted openly discussed and agreed. A clear structure which runs from evaluation, ascertaining viability and visibility, articulate planning, sound development, execution and finally implementation should in place to ensure that everything is done in order. Noah Matrix digital platform experts understand this process well and they will dedicate all the efforts in ensuring that it is executed thoroughly, meticulously and with keen attention to details. With the experience they have gained in the course of implementing similar undertakings, you can be confident that they will deliver as expected. You can be sure that the digital platform that will be created by the team will provide effective business solutions, increase connectivity and interactions among users and above all ensure there is a collaboration with all the partners.

Now let’s take you through the processes that we go through in the creation of new digital platforms.


As a business you need to carry out an evaluation process, trying to understand where you stand as far as the digital platform requirement is concerned. With each business having its own unique story, some may opt for experimentation along this journey while others may have not started the process. It is paramount that each business identifies the stage where they are at the beginning of the process. With our client experience, we are cognizant of each narrative but have organized milestones, learning, and challenges across the processes of undertaking this project. These stages help us understand what needs to be done on each step.

This step involves carrying out a comprehensive, detailed and consultative assessment of the business where the main aspect of the establishment are discussed. Here the consultant will gain to understand what the business does, the process that is involved. What these processes entail, the inputs, outputs among other details. There is also an attempt to iron out the expectation, what can be done and what is not possible. With such kind of discussion, the clients get to understand what the proposed digital platform can deliver and what might not be possible. Fleshing out the deliverables of a given project sheds light on the capability of a given digital platform. It is important to ensure that both the client and the consultant are reading on the same page. This will help in avoiding a situation where one party has high expectation. Gathering a thorough understanding of the processes also helps the consultant to provide a product which will deliver the required results. At Noah Matrix, we take our time to get a full understanding of the solution that needs to be developed. Before we start the process, we seek information from the customer ensuring that we ask the right questions. We normally have a list of questions which were used as a guideline when carrying our initial assessment. This guide has been a useful tool in assisting to understand what the client need.

Our team experts will evaluate the project scope, analyze the feasibility and works out on a schedule; a duration when the whole development process will undertake. Cost of the project is also ascertained, while also making suggestions on the improvement of the platform parameters, all this based on our understanding of the project while considering any future developments. In all our undertakings, we anticipate that there will be changes which will warrant an update of the system. So in the cause of undertaking the project, we make sure that these changes can be seamlessly incorporated in the system. This is done to ensure that the system we develop, lasts long to serve the client’s needs. We aim at developing a system that will be effective and also one that the client can get value for the investment. We ensure that what we come up with is absolutely perfect and greatly useful to our clients.

Businesses are looking for applications that run in environments which are both optimized and economical. Enterprises that evolve constantly to get rid of resistance through building their business and information technology capabilities achieve interdependences. When they incorporate digital capabilities, they do it in a way that gets rid of these interdependences. Such reengineering needs a significant change in the design and management of technology platforms. Specifically, it requires visibility, security, intelligence, coordination, and automation. We aim to continuously analyze the organization network data by using technology to achieve critical insights into business processes. Visibility denotes the overall presence of a product in the general consumption environment.

3. Feasibility

Feasibility study defines an opportunity or the problem which is under analysis looks at the current situation, defines the requirements; assess the alternatives and an agreed course of action. Activities for preparing a feasibility study to apply to almost any type of project, be it a technological undertaking, procurement process or any other project.

We work with the customer to ascertain the viability of the idea and project, we run through the whole process to ensure that it will help the customer meet his or her business goals and objectives. We carry out this process to ascertain the viability or worth of the idea. We define the returns of investment. It is only after passing this phase that we move to the next stage. With such an elaborate process, we are sure that what we will be undertaking is worth and will add value to a business.

4. Planning

Planning and execution of the marketing strategy is an important aspect of ensuring that the product performs well in the market. This need to be done in a way that ensures minimal use of resources while delivering the targeted results. Planning should be articulate while execution should be done following the plan. There also ought to be a constant review of the plan to ensure that it remaining relevant, the kind that is responsive to the changing needs of the market.

5. Operation

The operation phase is where the product or service is put into its rightful use. During the operation stage, the user experience is closely observed to ascertain whether the expected results are obtained.

The operation section may be divided into two parts, namely: stage of development and production process section. Stage of development section starts with an explanation of what has been done up to know to get the business operational. This should be followed by a clear explanation of what needs to be done to keep things running smoothly in this area. The following items are covered: production workflow, industry association memberships, supply chains, quality control. The production process sections lay the details of business operations on a day to day basis. The goal of including this section in the plan is to show a clear understanding of the delivery process for your service or product. Among the details that should be included in this section include a general outline of the business operations such as days and hours of operation, physical plant, equipment, assets, special requirements, materials, production, inventory, feasibility, cost where you give details of cost estimates.