Building a project should start with creating its interface, with this approach, one has a chance to experiment with the design making the required changes without necessarily affecting the project code. More ..

Application User Interface (API)

Whether we are developing a mobile or a website application, a user interface is everything. Everything that we do is for the people who will use the tool that we are developing. To use the user interface must provide a seamless user experience. Our experience in house team designs, builds, tests and deploys an intuitive interface that will give the user an experience that makes them appreciate the tool and technology at large.

Customer Journey

Customer journey is the current buzzwords in the IT sector; creators are designing application to ensure the better customer or user experience. When it comes to choosing software application user experience is a major deciding factor. Most businesses are now trying to redesign the user experience of their existing applications and ensuring that new applications have taken into consideration the user journey. In the last few years, financial institutions have been revamping and reinventing their software application to ensure they meet enhanced business process, however, they have flatly failed to improve user experience. This is what Noah Matrix aims at correcting, ensuring that the user journey is considered and improved in every application that a business develop.


Workflow development advances through elaborate steps making it easy to follow and address any issues that may arise. Right from design, defining of roles, creation of work lists, defining workflow objects, defining event triggers, building and testing the system to ensure that what has been built works as expected.

User Experience

User experience is everything, any software development should have this in mind, any system that is created should be in such a way that the end-user will have a seamless experience. Failure to capture this in the whole process leads to the development of tools which do not adequately address the customer needs. AT Noah Matrix, we emphasize on user experience, making sure that we provide an interface that will help in addressing the business needs as well as satisfy the customers.

User Interface (Application windows)

A good user interface should be clear, concise, familiar, consistent, efficient, attractive and responsive.


Building a Prototype is an iterative analysis where end-users are involved. Prototypes have several uses: it helps in analyzing the artifact hence exploring the problems space with all that is involved. It is a foundation from which development of the system can be continued, even in a situation where one has to start from scratch, the process does not have to begin with writing codes, this has already been done, so one picks up from where issues have been identified.

E-Payments requirements

A system has to integrate e-payment solutions to enable customers to pay for the products or services seamlessly. A wide range of options allows the customers to select one that is suitable and convenient. Among the e-payment platforms that can be selected include Visa, Master Card, PayPal, e-Wallets, and Local Payment gateways among others. As a business, you will select those that offer a smooth experience for your customers. Giving a wide variety of options is the best thing as customers will not be locked to a specific platform. For a business providing just a few restricts your customers, some might want to patronize your enterprise but the e-payment platforms provided limit them from continuing with the ordering process.


Solution architect

As a business, you need a person who will craft and design solutions which meet the customer needs. This is an intricate job that requires coming up with relevant products. One fist needs to come up with a design which guides the whole product development. Such a design is the heart of the whole product and therefore one needs to get it right to deliver a viable product. One works with solutions that are available tailoring them in such a way that will address customer requirements.

Database administrator

The business has critical data which need to be organized and utilized. It is the role of database administrators to utilize cutting edge tools to coordinate the systems to allow translation into strategic business plans. Database administrators ensure that businesses can easily access information on their systems. They also create tough databases which can withstand any breaches. They ensure that the business data is only available to personnel who have proper authorization. Working closely with systems managers they customize database solutions to business needs. They ensure that technical aspects of system administration including upgrading and debugging of the system are effectively undertaken.

Integration development

With the business having disparate and distributed applications, each working in an isolated manner, there is a need to have one system that can access all the systems and process data. A hub and Spoke model act as an intermediatory system where all the dispersed application can interact irrespective of the protocol. An integration layer will act as a mediator to transfer data between systems. Integration ensures that different aspects of the project work together and provides value. It should show full capability in vertical slices which grow as the platform matures and its ecosystem increases.

E-payment system

This denotes a way of paying for goods or services electronically. This system of payment has grown due to the spread of internet-based banking and online shopping. As the world experience technological development it is expected that e-payment system will increase. There is a need to improve and provide a secure system, where payment can be made securely and conveniently. E-payment systems can be classified into cash payment systems and credit payment systems. There are benefits which can be derived through the use of e-payment systems, they include getting more efficient and effective transactions, lowering of transaction costs, quick processing, and increased security and anti-fraud tools make it more reliable.

Web development

For a business to enhance its presence online there is a need to develop and maintain its website. A function that will help it along this line is Web development. This involves developing a website for the intranet or internet. The exercise ranges from development of a simple static page to complex web-based internet applications, social network services, and electronic platforms.

Mobile Apps development

With the increased usage of mobile technology, business needs to ensure that its platforms are optimized for mobile device use. With this comes the need for mobile application development; this is a set of processes which are involved in writing software for mobile devices. With this capability, a business will leverage technology to reach a wide section of users, helping it increasing its coverage as well as retaining a tangible market.